Dr. Robert Campbell, DOM

After taking your "Eight Treasures Plus and your "Free & Relaxed" my fibromyalgia got much better and now my energy level is an "8" instead of a 3 or 4. I had so much energy that I painted my whole apartment!
- J.S. Richmond Hill, NY

After taking your "Gentiana Compound" and "Kidney Qi" formulas, my frequent burning urine has stopped and I don't need to run to the bathroom anymore.
- G.S. Norcross, GA

After taking your "Bupleurum-Dandelion Liver Cleanser" - my liver pain went away and it doesn't feel as swollen anymore. My nausea has gone away and my energy has come back.
- M.V. Little Neck, N.Y.

The herbs you sent me "Clear Out & Boost-Up" and "Phlegm-Resolve" really helped me get rid of this chronic cold that I have had for months now. A day and half later after I started taking them I started feeling better and finally got rid of it.
- T.C. Siren, WI


Rick Bastine, CHT/NLP practitioner

I enjoyed all aspects of our session... the energy work at the end the most. I always enjoy being hypnotized and appreciated the reprogramming of thought and language... a solution came with crystal clarity and ... I am confident that I have finally found freedom in this area.
- Kevin Blackwell, Spiritual Channel, Santa Fe, NM

"Unbeknownst to me, it was very clear that i had some layers to shed in order to experience my true self. Rick recognized what others had alluded to and offered me a healing session. from the moment i met Rick, i knew he was a light worker. He is very kind and gentle, yet strong and powerful. So naturally, i was excited to receive what Rick had to offer. Between the two sessions i had with Rick, i have cleared more stuff and felt more fully myself than ever before in my life. The world through my eyes has become more real, more vibrant, and more palpable. I cannot express enough gratitude for this gift that Rick has given me. He is a true master healer. I would recommend Rick to my closest friends and family. I trust him with my being on all levels."
- Fred Lucas, Chef/Nutritionist, Santa Fe, NM

I met Rick over two years ago, completely unaware that meeting would indeed change my life. Progressing through trusting to teaching to sharing to healing, our relationship has evolved and strengthened into one of lasting friendship.

Cleansing: It was over a year-and-a-half before I finally met Rick in person for a weekend of fun and healing (for this friendship grew through the phone over hundreds of miles). We had three sessions in as many days,
each as unique and purposeful as the next. Our first session consisted of removing blockages and restoring energetic flow...

Expansion: After a brief interview, our second session commenced with breath work and led to a guided meditation during which I remarked that I was moving at the speed of life. The miracle for me in this
session was learning to be fully present in my body and yet remain connected to all that is... Simply said,
Rick Bastine is facilitator, teacher, healer, shaman, guru, friend and brother. More than anything else I
realized that so I can be. And so can anyone.
- Matthew Schneiderhahn, Indianapolis, IN

I am thankful from the depths of my being for the work that I was graced to do with Rick Bastine. The emotional healing facilitated around my childhood abuse issues allowed me to finally forgive and let the whole experience slide into the past where it belongs.

That healing of my sacred energy now flows freely and peacefully through me. The addictions I fought since late childhood are gone. The change in my confidence and feelings of self worth fill me with gratitude. I have never ever had such profound changes happen in so short a time.

Truly the best, most difficult and most rewarding therapeutic experience I have encountered. I highly recommend Rick Bastine’s services and abilities to anyone who truly wants to be healed of emotional trauma and the addictions the avoidance of that trauma causes.
- Carolyn Claire Conley, Artist, Santa Fe, NM


Mahabba Kauffman, CBS

Mahabba has been working with me for over 3 years, with remarkable results. The new Indigo takes the
INDIGO quantum energy work to a new level however... now after each session I feel as if I've experienced
a total body "high."
- Claudia J.


Stephanie Ellis, LMT

Stephanie is truly blessed with wonderful gifts of touch, peace and giving. She relaxes the body with her touch and soothes the mind through her peaceful giving of herself. A very special experience.  - Nora Hughes

After working in the healing arts for many years, I can honestly say that Stephanie has the magic touch. Her massage leaves me feeling fully integrated and deeply nurtured.  She is attentive, highly skilled and a natural healer.  I would highly recommend Stephanie's massage work. - Debra Doyle, LMT