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Therapeutic Massage / Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy

Releases trigger points in the tissues creating more range of motion in the body. This also works with compression on muscles relieving any tightness, and treating the attachments. Neuromuscular Therapy treats:

* Numbness in the extremities meaning-----Hands Arms Legs Feet.
* Scoliosis' , Loradosis, Kaphnoses, disk problems.
* Restricted Breathing
* Range of motion in whiplash injuries, car accidents, pain in the vertebral border.

Neuromuscular Therapy is also an energetic, restoring a sense of well being.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage focuses on isolated parts of the body utilizing compression, milking the muscles, and friction. These techniques will increase circulation, increased blood flow, flush out metabolic wastes.


Esalen massage is a light pressure type of massage utilizing long, flowing strokes, efforrage (connecting the body as a whole). This type of massage releases tension in the nervous system, as well as creating a meditative state for healing to occur.


Has a thousand year old history. It developed in Japan as an type of Energy Work. The Ancient Art is composed of energy of Rei-- meaning Breath, and Ki meaning----Prayer. Reiki creates harmony between Body, Mind, and Spirit. Some of the benefits of having a Reiki session are:

* Restoring vitality
* Eliminating stress
* Reducing pain
* Nervous exhaustion
* Migraines headaches
* Lowering blood pressure
* Relieving depression
* Slowing bleeding down.
* Faster recovery after surgery and increased healing in bone fractures.

However, Reiki is not a substitute for Medical care. It is an overall body treatment to encourage better health.