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Eric Fricke

Eric Fricke 

Eric Fricke is a Personal Health Empowerment Coach and Food Educator who believes the needs of the body are the ultimate guide to personal health. In his work, Eric teaches cooking skills and intuitive body listening practices, shares nutritional and physiological information, and helps individuals work through emotional blocks and limiting beliefs around food. He has empowered adults, children, and families to take charge of their health and learn how to make food that nourishes the needs of their bodies.

Eric is a knowledgeable and versatile cook, having studied and experimented with many nutritional systems and diets as part of his own healing journey, including Vegan/Vegetarian, Raw Food, Paleo, Gluten/Casein-Free, Weston A Price, GAPS, Chinese/Five-Element Theory, and Ayurveda.

Eric's interest in local and organic food has led him to work in many aspects of our food system. He has worked on an organic farm in Pennsylvania and as a vendor at Farmer's Markets across the country. In addition to teaching private cooking lessons, he has taught group classes, particularly specializing in dairy fermentation. He has cooked privately in homes providing healthy meals for individuals and families.

A native of Arizona, Eric loves the food and herbal traditions of the Southwest. He actively studies Hispanic, Native American, Pioneer, and Cowboy culinary and herbal traditions and enjoys finding ways to incorporate new flavors, medicines, and ideas into his own food practice.

Eric is an experienced musical performer, having performed on the organ and piano across the country and on various media. He is an active performer, music teacher, and music director in Santa Fe. He is a graduate of St. John's College, where he studied in the Great Books Program.   

The following program of services are what Eric has found to be effective for helping people learn and shift to new patterns of eating and food preparation. Adjustments may be made, as Eric will create a customized program of support for each client's individual food needs and healing process. Throughout all this work, Eric will help you learn how to listen to what your body needs, work through limiting beliefs about health and food, and empower your healing process emotionally, as well as physically.

Initial Consult ($25)

A 30-minute meeting, in person or over the phone, with new clients to go over current eating patterns, food likes and dislikes, and establish a plan for work together.

Kitchen Clearing and Grocery Shopping Trip ($150)

A 3-hour session where Eric helps you learn the details of your new diet, comes to your house and helps regroup your kitchen and pantry, and guides you through a detailed and educational shopping trip at the grocery store of your choice to buy food you can eat and avoid foods you can't.

Cooking Lessons ($25/hour)

Meal Preparation Assistance ($25/hour)

Meal Planning ($25/hour)

As needed sessions to help you learn what foods to make, how to make them for yourself with permitted foods, and guide you through making them the first time. Eric will also help you create meal plans and eating strategies that will keep you satisfied and nourished. Eric is able to help you grow as a cook, explore new styles of cooking, and make food that is nourishing, delicious, and just what you need.

Eric is available for additional coaching at a rate of $25 an hour.

Eric is also available for personal shopping ($15/hour) and full meal preparation ($20/hour).